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Honestly, i'm literally just shouting things over a fat bass and and pendulum style drums, it samples shrek, it's stupid but fun


I can take the hints and cues, recognise I'm out the loop,
But I don't need this forever

Im a motherfucking
donkey with a carrot on a stick on his head
A guitar, a mic and some bullshit spread
10 tonnes down with the tracks but
This still ain't got through to you yet but
I been doing this so long I think I forget
What I'd do if my life weren't one big set
Wake up each day fuckin terrified
And I be god damned if I waste it quiet

Yeah You wanna stop hating your life
Aww boo get the sympathy hug bye
Get up, think less do more stop crying
Only you, gonna run the show for your mind
Test tube, baby science on the side
Bad boy, rental car got a smashed side skrrt
Come through we can fuck under red skies
Judge risk like a dumb kid on adrenaline highs

I can take the hints and cues, recognise I'm out the loop,
But I don't need this forever

If all I wants the streams and views, then why'd I do the things I do
Cause I won't need this forever

Wish I could say there was money behind me
I could do with a team harassing playlists get me featured
But I'm barely a singer anymore
I just yell at a mic in my room when I get bored
Im a DONKEY, carry this baggage, see you slater, glass cannon cute mandwich
Shout-out to the local white guys, voice cracks in a basement are my vibe

You know that I sleep in my jeans and I
Don't give a single fuck what you think and I
Haven't got the time to have no regrets, imma stick out my neck and if it breaks it breaks I
Don't wanna space out and wait for the bass I
Don't wanna die dreaming of the perfect phrase and I'm still the man who said the world won't wait
And you can fucking believe thats not gonna change

All I want is to do it all by myself
Give a fuck about no one else
I can fuck it up by myself

All we want is to do it all by ourselves
Don't give a fuck about no one else
We can fuck it all up by ourselves


released November 1, 2019
Everything by Matt Simpson


all rights reserved




A new song on the first of the month, for every month of 2019.
I'm still figuring it out but expect feelings of hip-hop, emo revival, indie rock and maybe some trap or contemporary r&b, im not sure 100% sure yet so we'll just see what happens

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