Empty Face

by PLY

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Starting off calm and picking up speed, an alt-rock track about being shit at talking to people on the phone and not being rude and daydreaming


Set aside your time for me
Lost eyes and gritted teeth
My silence shows when I miss her words

But I’ve started to feel like I’m lying to you if I’m honest I’m sad and confused

Bold lies and break a sweat
Nothing runs through my head
My silence shows when I miss her words
It’s getting worse

But I’ve started to want to start fights
And bait you out, get you to bite
I don’t know why I’m such a child
Wish I could look you in the eye and say that

I feel I’m slipping away from you
Feel I’m in another place
My head’s gone, it left an empty face for you
To feel alone with again, fight

And I’m sorry I admit I do it every time you’re always right
I call it daydreaming but I’m thinking bout the times
When you are gone, creative expressive musical brain is just another saying to let me avoid acknowledging that I’m a nob
You never once tried to give me hell
I can do that all by myself
I can do everything all by myself
Except listen to you through the
Phone if I see anything that takes my
Focus, any stupid video while
Scrolling, distracted I’m bad at it and I
Know this, so I just sit embarrassed silent hoping you don’t
Notice but where my crowd when the light’s one me,
You’re so blessed to hear the words I speak,
You ain’t lived till you do it like me
How you even survive if you don’t do it like me,
Why I waste my time with this weight on me oh
My ego flies in the light I bring
My blue skies where the angels sing
Oh sorry did you say something?


released May 1, 2019
All music, and lyrics, performed and produced by Matt Simpson


all rights reserved




A new song on the first of the month, for every month of 2019.
I'm still figuring it out but expect feelings of hip-hop, emo revival, indie rock and maybe some trap or contemporary r&b, im not sure 100% sure yet so we'll just see what happens

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